• 1. Establishment of a project brief

    This involves a site meeting to understand the site and the clients brief and budget.  From this point, it is possible to provide a design fee.

  • 2. Site Survey / Measure

    At this point all available site information is obtained from the client. Any additional information can be acquired from a site survey.

  • 3. Concept Design Phase

    An initial landscape design is produced and presented to the client in the form of plans and perspectives.

  • 4. Developed Design Process

    The initial design is honed and developed through the feedback of the client before arriving at a finalised design.

  • 5. Planting Plan

    A full planting plan with a supporting planting schedule which can then be used to obtain a price from a supplier.

  • 6. Developed Design / Detailed Design

    Production of all necessary design details and specifications required for   construction, costing and when required, council consent.

  • 7. Site Management

    Once a contractor(s) is selected, an initial site meeting is held to discuss any queries around the design package. From there, site management can be provided. This includes communication with contractors and periodic site visits to ensure quality.